Field Trip Save The Date Notice
June 27 -28


Mark your calendars! SEGS will be hosting a field trip on June 28th to the Santa Fe River in the High Springs area where we will observe karst hydrogeology and its influence on surface water – groundwater interaction. Pete Butt with Karst Environmental Services has graciously agreed to be the field guide for the trip. We will travel by canoe to our field trip stops – and will have an opportunity to take a dip in the river and some area springs. Unlike previous field trips, we will be out for approximately eight hours – and this trip will involve more observation/discussion and collection of photos than collection of rocks. Please wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for canoeing, and be prepared to exit the canoes during trip stops.

There will be an optional informal dinner on June 27th before the trip. Pete will give a presentation related to the local hydrogeology and the field trip. He has spent years diving the caves in the area and conducting dye tracer tests there and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

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2014 Spring Newsletter

Lecanto Quarry group

The Group at the Lecanto Quarry during the Crystal River Quarries Field Trip

Headlines include:

  • Recap of the Crystal River Quarries Field Trip
  • Some Lesser-known Laws with Geological Applications
  • Puppchen Concretions
  • File the Following Under the Winking Smile Emoticon
  • South Carolina Earthquake
  • Membership
  • Committees
  • Nominations of Officers for 2015
  • President’s Message

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