Field Trip Registration is Open

Registration for the Lake Wales Ridge Sand Pits Field Trip on March 24, 2018, is currently OPEN. Sign up today on the Events Page!

SandFest 2018 – Save the Date

SEGS is a proud co-sponsor of SandFest 2018. Join us September 20-24, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida for the International Sand Collectors Society Conference. Activities include presentations, workshops, field trips, sand trading and more.

Registration is open through July 31st: Register for SandFest

Enter the SandFest T-shirt Design Contest. This is your chance to make SandFest 2018 history – well, at least a t-shirt. Use your art and sand skills to design a t-shirt for the event! The person who submits the winning entry will receive a FREE t-shirt even if they are not attending the conference. Submissions must be received by January 31, 2018. Learn more about the t-shirt contest.

For more information, including Call for Presentations instructions, visit the SandFest website.

2017 Summer/Fall Newsletter

Headlines Include:

  • President’s Message
  • New Board Members Election
  • SEGS Dues Reminder
  • SEGS Student Research/Field Work Grant Opportunity
  • Recap of the SEGS Cartersville Mining District and Stone Mountain, Georgia Trip
  • Recap of the Martin Marietta Quarry, Junction City, Georgia Trip
  • Recap of the SEGS-FAPG Virginia Key Deep Well Trip
  • SEGS Going International???
  • Geologic Adventures in Trieste, Italy
  • Legislative Update
  • SandFest

Download the Newsletter:

pdf2017 Summer-Fall Newsletter (1.7 MB)

SEGS Student Research/Field Work Grant Opportunity

Grant Overview: The Southeastern Geological Society (SEGS) is pleased to announce a competition for student research/field work grant awards. The purpose of the awards is to promote greater understanding of Southeastern U.S. geology through student research and/or field work. Grants are available on an application merit basis to any student, undergraduate or graduate, enrolled at any accredited University or College in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama.

For this competition, the SEGS has allocated grant awards of $1,000 for an undergraduate student applicant and $2,000 for a graduate student applicant. Awards are targeted for expenditures such as (but not restricted to) field work, research travel, laboratory analyses, research materials, etc.; they are not intended to fund indirect/overhead costs or wages.

Applications must be postmarked on or before a deadline of June 30, 2018 and be sent to the Awards Chairman at the below address. Applications will be reviewed by an SEGS Grant Awards Committee and judged based on the following criteria: 1) merit of proposed research/field work, 2) clarity of expression, and 3) strength of recommendation letter from a college faculty sponsor. All applicants meeting requirements will be acknowledged by email and provided the current, plus one free year of SEGS membership (up to a $60 value). Following SEGS Executive Committee approval, awardee(s) will be notified, identified on our SEGS website, and sent check(s) by August 31, 2018.

It is expected that, during or after completion, awardee(s) will present their research/field work in the form of: 1) a brief article to be published in an SEGS Newsletter or Guidebook and/or 2) a presentation at an SEGS meeting. In the event of the latter, the student’s pre-approved travel expenses to the meeting, e.g., flight, rental car or mileage, meals, and lodging, shall be reimbursed, and associated field trip fee waived by the SEGS, up to a $400 value.

Application Requirements:

The application is intended to be brief; thus, items 1 thru 4 below (combined) are limited to two pages (minimum 12-point font). Item 5 is sponsor preference. The application must include:

  1. title of research project and/or field work;
  2. name, address, email, and phone number of applicant;
  3. current college status (where enrolled, major/degree program, GPA, and anticipated graduation date);
  4. research and/or field work description, including why it is interesting or important, and how, when, and where the work will take place; graduate student applicants are strongly encouraged to include a budget indicating how the award is intended to be spent; and
  5. a reference letter from a faculty sponsor who vouches for applicant qualifications and interest or importance of the work.

Applications must be postmarked by June 30, 2018 and sent to:

Andrew Lawn, M.S., P.G., Awards Chairman
Southeastern Geological Society, Inc.
PO Box 1636
Tallahassee, Florida 32302

Preliminary Field Trip Announcement:
Geology and Geomorphology of Western Cuba

18-23 March 2018


The Southeastern Geological Society has a most unique opportunity to examine the spectacular geology and geomorphology of Western Cuba, hosted by renowned Cuban geologist and paleontologist, Manuel A. Iturralde-Vincent, former deputy director of the Cuban National Natural History Museum. Manuel has written extensively on Cuban geology, and has led many trips across Cuba. This 5-day excursion will begin with a chartered flight from Tampa, Florida to Havana. We will examine varied and complex terranes, including Jurassic-Cretaceous continental margin deposits, the K-T boundary and Paleogene synorogenic foredeep sediments, ophiolites and Cretaceous volcanics, Miocene to Quaternary marine and terrestrial deposits, tower karst, and modern coastal environments (including snorkeling). A special SEGS field guide (authored by Manuel) will be provided.

This is a preliminary announcement, but we are asking for an initial response in order to gauge interest. Please do not respond unless you think you will genuinely be able to attend. A second announcement will follow soon. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 will be required by November to reserve your place. Please indicate your initial (serious) interest by sending a short message to SEGS VP Jon Bryan at

Download the PDF below for more trip information:

pdfCuba Field Trip Announcement (426 KB)

2017 Winter-Spring Newsletter

Headlines Include:

  • New Board Members Elected
  • President’s Message
  • Legislative News
  • Thank You Andy Lawn!
  • SEGS Student Research/Field Work Grant Opportunity
  • Recap of the Cote Blanche Island, Salt Dome Mine, October 13th, 2016 trip
  • Recap of the Cemex Center Hill Mine, December 3rd, 2016 trip
  • Recap of the Lake Wales Ridge Sand Pits, February 25, 2017 trip
  • SEGS Going International???
  • SEGS and Its Affiliation with the GCAGS

Download the Newsletter!

pdf2017 Winter-Spring Newsletter (325 KB)


Thank You Gannett Fleming

SEGS is very pleased to have received a $500 donation in December 2016 from Gannett Fleming, Inc., an American-based engineering firm specializing in international planning, design, and construction management, and employer of SEGS 2017 President Clint Noble and members Daniel Lapikas, Austin Dunlap, Fred Pirkle, and Chrystal Yates. The gracious donation is intended to enhance our ability to provide student grant awards, and our mission to provide inexpensive field trips to all members.


Thank You Members

Thank you to all of our members who have promptly paid their 2017 dues (107 members as of May 15, 2017); and thanks especially to members who volunteered to serve on one or more of our committees; enjoy!


USF Thanks You



SEGS Logo Shirt Opportunity!

Hey all, SEGS member Scott Nyoff has graciously offered to have our calcite crystal logo embroidered on the front or breast pocket of any shirt(s) that you mail to him with a $12 check per shirt, which includes his cost to mail back to you (SEGS paid the $50 set-up charge). Please take advantage of this offer right away so we can be wearing our colors on field trips.

Mail your shirts with $12 each to:
Scott H. Nyhof, PG, CPG
Senior Project Geologist
Madrid Engineering Group, Inc.
2030 State Road 60 East, Bartow, FL 33830
863. 533.9007 (office)
863. 450.8544 (cell)