We urge students to volunteer for SEGS Committees to enjoy Society benefits, build your resumes, develop industry contacts, and have fun with colleagues.


Field Trip Committee

Chair: TBD 
Members: Clint Noble, Tom Scott, Andy Lawn, Casey Albritton, and Naomi Boerner
Duties: Field Trip Committee Duties (PDF – 440 KB)

Membership Committee

Chair: TBD
Members: Dave DeWitt, Tom Scott, Casey Albritton
Duties: Membership Committee Duties (PDF – 438 KB)

Website Committee

Chair: TBD
Members: Dan Lapikas, KT Moran, Casey Albritton
Duties: Website Committee Duties (PDF – 473 KB)

Newsletter Committee

Chair: TBD
Members: Deborah Veasy, Emeli Sandoval, Sammy Smith, and Jon Bryan
Duties: Newsletter Committee Duties (PDF – 435 KB)

Student Awards Committee

Chair: TBD
Members: Casey Albritton, Andy Lawn, Sammy Smith, and Elizabeth Pesar

Duties: Student Awards Committee Duties (PDF – 437 KB)

Nominating Committee

Chair: TBD
Members: Casey Albritton, John Herbert, Tom Scott, Deborah Veasy
Duties: Nominating Committee Duties (PDF – 435 KB)