Peace River Fossil Hunting Trip (23 November 2019)

Posted on: September 17th, 2019 by segsmember


SEGS will be hosting a canoeing field trip to the Peace River in Central Florida. This is an opportunity to learn about the Mio-Pliocene Peace River Formation phosphate gravels, discuss Florida’s diverse fossil history, and do some fossil hunting ourselves. For more information regarding Florida’s paleontology and the phosphate gravels of the Peace River Formation (PRF), you can reference our previous guidebooks No. 67 and 34B.


We’ll meet on November 23 at 9:00 AM, at the Desoto Veterans Memorial Park located at 2195 American Legion Dr, Arcadia, FL 34266 . There we will launch canoes reserved for SEGS (through the Canoe Outpost in Arcadia) and any canoes/kayaks brought by members. We will be traveling downstream from the park 1.5 miles to an exposure of the PRF. After discussing the exposure and doing some hunting, we will be traveling back upstream 1.5 miles to Desoto Veterans Memorial Park where the Canoe Outpost will be picking up our canoes at the end of the day at about 4:30 PM.


Several hotels are available in Arcadia; consider camping at the Peace River Campground at 2998 NW Hwy 70 in Arcadia (863-494-9693).

Age and Safety Restrictions

This field trip will be physically intensive and outdoors. We recommend bringing food and water, clothes you don’t mind getting wet, hat, long sleeves, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Helpful tools include shovels, screens, and buckets. SEGS VP Jonathan Valentine will bring some fossil hunting equipment to share.

Participants must comply with SEGS Participant Guidelines. Please arrange to carpool with others to minimize the number of vehicles. If water levels are too high, we have reserved a backup date of December 7th.

Children welcome with completed waiver and accompanying adult.

Manual Registration

If you have trouble with the electronic registration, you can manually register by completing and sending this PDF (click here) to and then using the information at this link (click here) to pay.

Registration and Fees

Registration pricing is itemized. If you have your own canoe/kayak, you only need to pay the registration fee to attend. The price to register is $10 for members and free for students, to reserve a Canoe will be $25 for both students and members. Optional lunch is $10. Guidebooks with some relevant information are available for you to print from the website (#67 and #34b).

Participation is limited to SEGS members who have paid 2019 dues and geology students. For members, please pay dues and register using our website PayPal button.

Electronic Registration

Please check ALL the appropriate option(s) below and click “Purchase” to quickly e-register for the trip. You will be routed to a waiver you can sign electronically, and then to the registration and payment form. Since every participant needs to complete a waiver, you can only register one person at a time, but registration takes just a few minutes. If you have trouble with the e-registration below, you can register manually using the PDF in the “Manual Registration” section above (CLICK HERE).



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